The ‘IF’ word

One against … One dozen! – (Not my photo, but all credit to the owner!)

How many times have we thought ‘what if’ and said ‘If only’? We have all done it at some point and will do it again many more times. The word ‘If’ must be the most used word in the dictionary at the moment in Zimbabwe. I use it all the time, especially when reading the news.

I’m no politician and have very little interest in it other than getting a good laugh from it and staying up to date. Be it by watching the news on tv, reading it on Facebook or getting the latest, as it happens, on Twitter, it is good to stay ‘in the loop’ with current events. You have to take everything you read with a shovel of salt though, especially when reading only the title and not the contents.

There is a lot happening in and around Zimbabwe at the moment and one can’t help but use the ‘If’ word. Just today’s headlines are: Civil Servants told to take it or Leave it, Beit-Bridge shuts down,  President doesn’t care what ordinary people think. As I sit here I wonder ‘What if Zimbabwe stood up and said enough is enough’, ‘What if we did what South Africans are doing now’ and ‘What if all those people being forced to get on a bus to go to rally said NO‘? Would it bring about the change we all want and so desperately need?

Zimbabwe in 2013 had a population of 14 Million. Our current unemployment rate is over 95%. It doesn’t take a math major to see that the majority of the population are unemployed, starving and trying to make a means any way possible. So many people in fact that I estimate if one (and only one) small towns unemployed population came together they would outnumber the Police and the Army. Maybe even twice or more over! We see this in South Africa at the moment, the Police know they are powerless and outnumbered. Something as simple as Zimbabwe putting a ban on import of basic goods has caused chaos. Why? Because the basic food stuff that comes over that bridge is what is keeping this country alive. It is what the majority live on! Take away their living and you may as well take their life.

So my question’s to Zimbabwe are, What if we said:

  • NO we won’t ‘Take it or Leave it’!
  • NO we won’t let the president not care what ‘ordinary’ Zimbabweans think!
  • NO we won’t let anyone take our life!
  • NO we won’t work for no pay or delayed pay!
  • NO we won’t let corruption continue!
  • NO we won’t let anyone get away from their corrupt past!

What do you think would happen then? Can they throw everyone into prison? Can they shoot us all? Can they overpower us before we overpower them if we all stood together? Would we be able to rebuild our nation the way we want it? Would we make everyone more than ‘Ordinary’? Would we be proud to be Zimbabwean and be able to speak freely? Maybe even become patriotic?


4 thoughts on “The ‘IF’ word

  1. The small White population is irrelevant so it’s up to the indigenous population to initiate some action. So far, apart from a few brave individuals, they have shown very little compulsion to do anything.

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  2. Looks like the people are acting on this suggestion.
    However it is important to clearly define our objectives. Violence for its own sake leads only to anarchy and chaos. There is no gain in destroying each other. What are we trying to achieve?
    My belief is that, if Blacks and Whites are prepared to co-operate under God’s leadership, ZIMBABWE WILL BE A SHINING LIGHT TO A DYING WORLD.

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    • True. Unfortunately, I believe any form of rebelion will be met with violence from government. This will be what starts the chaos. Fully agree with the co-op under God! May he guide us through these times and be by those that fight for the good of the nation.


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