What to do in a new government

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Zimbabwe is in crisis. From in-fighting in political parties to riots & demos in the streets, daily you can read that this is a restless nation. It brings me to wonder what would be the answer for Zimbabwe should the president step down tomorrow? Would the next person that takes the seat also eventually be filled with greed leading back to where we are now?

Someone asked on Social Media “What would be the first things you did in a new government”. I have spoken to a few people about this and have always come to the same conclusion that we should not have one president. We should have 5! Or more! Now at this point you may be thinking that I’m off my rocker and should be on my way to some mental institution, but hear me out…

“Two heads are better than one”. “When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion”.

The internet is full of quotes similar to these two and I believe that if Zimbabwe was run not by one president, but rather by a group it would be the best thing for us. One only has to look at the UK and how it is run to get the idea. Every decision goes into Parliament and then they have to vote for whatever it is they want. It works. Yes they are facing some problems now and still have a way to go before they regain the top spot, but we cannot even begin to compare Zimbabwe’s failings to those of the west. Yes every tree has bad apples, but the bigger the tree and the more apples you have the sooner you will see the bad apples.

Zimbabwe has 14 political parties listed below with their leader. (not sure how up to date this info is)

  • African National Party or ANP [Egypt DZINEMUNHENZVA]
  • Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn [Simba MAKONI]
  • Movement for Democratic Change – Tsvangirai or MDC-T [Morgan TSVANGIRAI]
  • Movement for Democratic Change – Ncube or MDC-N [Welshman NCUBE]
  • Peace Action is Freedom for All or PAFA
  • People’s Democratic Party or PDP [Tendai BITI]
  • United Parties [Abel MUZOREWA]
  • United People’s Party or UPP [Daniel SHUMBA]
  • Viva Zimbabwe [Acie LUMUMBA]
  • Zimbabwe African National Union-Ndonga or ZANU-Ndonga [Wilson KUMBULA]
  • Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front or ZANU-PF [Robert Gabriel MUGABE]
  • Zimbabwe African Peoples Union or ZAPU [Dumiso DABENGWA]
  • Zimbabwe People First or ZPF [Joyce MUJURU]
  • Zimbabwe Youth in Alliance or ZIYA
  • Don’t forget a certain percentage valuable Independents

What would happen if instead of having one party in charge and one president, we had all the above working together to run the country? Lets call it the “Zimbabwe Union or ZU” for now. When a decision needs to be made it isn’t one person or party that makes that decision, but the ZU as a whole that takes a vote. This will stop greed since no one person or party is in control and everyone in the ZU would have to be equally corrupt and equally benefit to “Suck the system dry”. That would be unlikely and someone who was left out will blow the whistle and expose the corruption.

You may be wondering, how will this work, will everyone be equal “Shareholders” in the ZU? I don’t think so. Here is how I see it working, in some order:

  1. International group, like IMF, is asked to replace ZEC for an election.
  2. The entire nation has to register to vote so we have an updated voters roll. Filtering out the 116000 odd voters aged over 100 from last election.
  3. Elections are held to show what party gets what percentage “Shares” in the ZU. Example below.
  4. The leader of the party with the most votes becomes the Prime Minister/President of ZU.
  5. The leader of the party with second most votes becomes Vice number one of ZU.
  6. The leader of the party with third most votes becomes Vice number two of ZU and so on.
  7. The constitution is re-written to state that no one party is ever allowed to rule and make decisions.
  8. The constitution must also state that if a decision cannot be reached by a ZU vote that the decision will go to a group of experts to come to a conclusion.
  9. The State House is turned into a Hotel to bring in revenue and the ZU must live with the citizens.
  10. Audits by international groups done on all Parties to filter out any corruption and recover exploited funds.
  11. Some government offices like Councils must be closed and services privatized to boost job creation and local investment.
  12. Respected Security Agencies to recruit fresh Police to recover tarnished image and regain citizens trust. New uniform introduced!
  13. All land to be on 99 year leases to give a fair playing field and remove non-productive farmers.
  14. All farmers must produce majority food to get a lease. ie. 65% Maize & 35% Tobacco.
example: ZU party “Shareholding” from an election.

I believe this will give local and foreign investors the confidence to invest as well as give accountability. It will also bring about the fastest recovery to the economy I feel.

Hang on… I do believe I just described a normal Democracy.

Comments and shares are always welcome!

I would just like to make clear that everything I write is of my own opinion. They are not  meant to spur on trouble. I simply hope to help people with what I share. Thanks for reading!

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