Today is the 23rd of November, 2017. Today is the first day in my life that I see a future in Zimbabwe!

I will be turning 30 in December so for me to say I have suffered for 37 years isn’t fair. That said though, I can’t say that I have ever known a free Zimbabwe. Never have I felt that I had a future in our beloved country. Had it not been for being refused by other countries I wouldn’t be here anymore. I wanted to leave because, as most parents, I want a future for my child. He deserves the best that we as parents can give. Zimbabwe was not the best, but I feel that is about to change.

This country has a rich history, but some of that history is not nice at all. Many will know and even have lived those terrible memories. I grew up hearing the stories and learning about these memories. Occasionally even being blamed for them, yet I am only 30. Is it fair that I be blamed or judged for something I played no part in? During the farm invasions the group that came to chase us off were still covered in blood from the farmer they had just beaten to death next door. Those memories are glued in my mind, but that doesn’t mean I should blame those men and women’s future generations for what their grandparents did. My point is we must remember and learn from history yes, but by no means must we judge and hold accountable future generations for what happened in the past. If we do this the evil cycle will never end.

This week has shown what I have always wanted to see. A Zimbabwe that is united. A Zimbabwe that works together to a common goal. For the first time in a long time I started to feel patriotic and proud to be a Zimbabwean. My dreams of a future in Zimbabwe for my family and myself suddenly starts to look like it might become reality. But are we getting excited to soon? Only time will tell. In the meantime though we are free to express ourselves and our hopes and dreams.

Someone started the #MyZimbabweDream hashtag and this I think is fantastic. It’s so interesting to see what people’s hopes are for this beautiful country.

So here are my dreams for Zimbabwe.


  • Speak Freely – Everyone must be free to express their opinion without fear of being locked up
  • Move On – We need to move on from the past and build a new nation. Let your past guide you, not make you.
  • Be One – Where Citizens of Zimbabwe can sit in the same room as the President and have him listen to us and see how we live.
  • Health First – A health sector second to none. We want people flying to Zimbabwe to have procedures done!
  • Legal Laws – Police must be there to help us and not rob us. They are meant to be respected, not hated.
  • Financially Smart – Economical stability and growth before new cars and houses for Ministers.
  • Care – Housing for the homeless before new houses and cars for Ministers.
  • Conservation – We must protect and grow our wildlife instead of sell them off as a form of income. Tourism must be the form of income.
  • Price Right – Our prices should be fair and products should not be over taxed.
  • Everyone Educated – Top quality education should be affordable to everyone and not cost US$5,000 a term.
  • Water – I dream of a Zimbabwe where clean, drinking water flows from the taps whenever you need it.
  • Jobs – Vending should be a thing of the past and instead we should have an Employment Rate of over 90%.
  • Money – We must have access to our hard-earned money and freedom to withdraw or move it as we wish.
  • Accountability – Government organizations should be held accountable and dealt with when corrupt or not delivering as promised.

These are just a few and I’m sure others can add much more to this. I still feel that we should have a coalition government. A previous article “What to do in a new Government” gives my opinion on this matter as well as a view on how to ‘fix’ Zimbabwe.

Please feel free to leave a comment with your #MyZimbabweDream!

I would just like to make clear that everything I write is of my own opinion. They are not  meant to spur on trouble. I simply hope to help people with what I share. Thanks for reading!

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