Impossible Economy

_DSC3367Zimbabwe. A beautiful country with diverse cultures and a population of over 14 million.  Cultures so diverse that it creates business opportunities for everyone in a wide variety of areas. In this lies a problem though because its in a crumbled economy. For those living in Zimbabwe you will understand what I’m on about, but for anyone abroad I will elaborate.

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Follow my leader

What does it mean to be a leader? What makes a good leader? These are questions everyone asks themselves at some stage in their life.

So picture this scenario…

You walk into a store feeling like the day belongs to you and nothing can get in your way. The mission is clear, you know what you have to do and now all you need is to get the stuff so you can do it. The shop is clean and organised and everything is marked, this gives you the reassurance that you are in the right place. Expectations are high! In true ‘DIY’ fashion you try to find everything yourself, but soon discover the store is bigger than you and you don’t have time to search up and down shelves. You decide its time to find someone will know exactly what it is you want and take you straight to it… Continue reading