What to do in a new government

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Zimbabwe is in crisis. From in-fighting in political parties to riots & demos in the streets, daily you can read that this is a restless nation. It brings me to wonder what would be the answer for Zimbabwe should the president step down tomorrow? Would the next person that takes the seat also eventually be filled with greed leading back to where we are now?

Someone asked on Social Media “What would be the first things you did in a new government”. I have spoken to a few people about this and have always come to the same conclusion that we should not have one president. We should have 5! Or more! Now at this point you may be thinking that I’m off my rocker and should be on my way to some mental institution, but hear me out…

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Speak freely

With the UK leaving the EU build-up, I happened to get up very early one morning and saw a rerun with Sky-news’ Faisal Islam interviewing David Cameron. I watched in utter shock at how this journalist was giving Mr Cameron what I would call “The Gears” over his wanting to stay in. At points I half expected that they were about to slap each other or the cops would come rushing in to arrest Faisal. Amazed by this I continued to watch as Faisal relentlessly continued throwing words at Mr Cameron. It was as though Faisal was the Prosecuting Lawyer in a trial and Mr Cameron was the guilty Defendant sitting in the box on trial for the most atrocious crime.

It was at this point I realized that this must be freedom of speech. This must be that thing that all Zimbabweans fear doing. Speaking Freely or in Shona “Kutaura Wakasununguka” or to a crowd “Munofanirwa Kutaura Makasununguka”.

What does it mean to speak freely? Is it wrong to do so?

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